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Promotion Courses

London Policing college are now offering promotion classes. After careful review and monitoring of Met Police Processes we have been able to identify delivery experts with excellent track records.

We are offering intense one day courses. This will allow you to consolidate previous experiences with a clear structure to prepare for the process. The day will include insights and development for;

  • Interviews
  • Presentations
  • Assessment centres
  • Group discussions
  • In Tray/report writing
  • Interactive exercises
  • Role play

The subject matter will be reviewed carefully as processes are published to provide a tailor made solution to enhance success rates.

The proposed timetable will cater for the annual processes that are;

  • Sergeant to Inspector (Jan to April)
  • Inspector to Chief Inspector (June till Oct)
  • Chief Inspector to Superintendent (April to Jul )
  • Superintendent to Chief Superintendent (Oct to Jan)
  • Bespoke programmes will be provided for Senior Command Course preparation on an individual basis and request.

To register an interest in attending a course please use the contact us form specifying which process you are interested in. When the process has been finalised by the Met Police will send you confirmed dates available for the intense one day courses.

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