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John served 31 years as Police Officer, 18 years at Detective Inspector and Chief Inspector rank. He had continuous service with the Metropolitan Police but this included 15 years of secondments to the National Criminal Intelligence Service, The National Domestic Extremism Team, the Association of Chief Police Terrorism Committee (ACPO TAM) and HM Customs and Excise. He held substantive roles in intelligence gathering for both CT and serious crime, working at national and regional levels including national co-ordination of multiple investigations into domestic terrorism. He was tasked with considerable work on UK Investigatory Powers legislation and exercised editorial control of policies for conducting covert and technical surveillance. He designed and delivered training on the use of special investigatory techniques UK wide. John lead a Joint Investigatory Team coordinated by Europol against and active domestic terrorist conspiracy across 6 EU nations and managed the intelligence flow between the JIT and the FBI. He was sponsored by ACPO TAM in 2012 to complete a Masters in Applied Criminology and Police Leadership at Cambridge University, the final thesis of which was condensed into an academic journal published in the European Journal of Criminology. He lead a syndicate of senior Indian Police Officers at the Indian Police Service staff college in Hyderabad at the request of Cambridge University, delivering human rights and legitimacy training. His last challenge was to design and lead an Online Hate Crime Hub for the Met Police, the first of it’s kind, in the world. Latterly he has prepared to deliver Hate Crime training to Maltese Police and Prosecutors with Victim Support Europe.



John Donovan

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