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Specialist Lecturer Police Operations, London Policing College. With 31 years Police experience and as leader for Emergency Response Teams, he brings a proven track record of Leadership and achievements in both operational and strategic roles. He has received significant recognition for covert and overt policing with over 22 commendations while serving for the Metropolitan Police Service. Sutinderjit has extensive covert policing experience which includes illicit substances, handling, security infiltration, and Terrorism. He has been a Public Order Commander for over 15 years at different ranks and has led high profile incidents, Surveillance operations, reduced crime in high crime boroughs, and developed teams and officers through mentoring and coaching allowing them to excel in their chosen career pathways. Using strong community links with community partners and key stakeholders he developed a Multi Agency Crime Reduction Unit with Council partners, establishing long term problem solving and personal protection strategies and operations. As elected Chair of a Metropolitan Police Service Staff Association for 4 years, he was instrumental in delivering and formalising mentoring, coaching, community engagement, outreach programs. Through these he promoted the MPS and the Association within and outside of the organisation through recruitment and engagement programs and improved membership, engagement and networking (this was recognised and adopted as good practice by other National UK Police Services). He holds undergraduate degrees and a Master’s Degree in Criminal Justice (Brunel London University) and is a Chartered Manager. He is actively involved in championing Engagement with The Indian High Commission and Police Services of India, thereby enhancing the engagement and development of organisations abroad. In 2020 he was selected and became an Associate at HMICFRS.

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Johnny Mahil MSc BA FCMI

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