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Kate Butler Trainee Project Manager. Kate is currently studying Politics, Philosophy and Economics at the University of Exeter. After completing her second year of her degree, she will begin her new role as Trainee Project Manager. Most recently, she has passed her PRINCE2 Foundation Project Management examination. As an London Policing College Intern she will gain valuable insight and experience, as well as training for the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam. She has previously attended work experience within various roles of the Metropolitan Police Service as a community volunteer. This experience included working alongside different departments such as; the Emergency Response Team, the Violent Crime Task Force, Finance, and Media and Communication, to name only a few. Prior to this, she has worked closely with an interior designer on a specific project. In order to minimise costs associated with the re-design, she was able to successfully research and detail various items of furniture to include in floor-plans. This required complete understanding of the available space within the room, as well as considering the creative vision of the client. This work has prepared her for her new role as Trainee Project Manager, allowing her to ensure projects have been delivered on time, as well as being carried out to the highest standard.



Kate Butler

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