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Mark is a former Commander in the Metropolitan Police Service who has performed a number of different roles throughout his thirty-year policing career. These have included; overall responsibility for the London Transport Command, Central Communications Complex and Counter Terrorism within Territorial Policing. He is a highly experienced leader with extensive operational command experience planning, coordinating, and leading the response to large-scale events. He was responsible for the introduction of the Safer Neighbourhoods policing programme across London and the introduction of Police Community Support Officers, modernising the approach to policing across London and nationally. In 2011, after retiring from the police service, he was appointed by Transport for London as the Head of the National Transport Coordination Centre for the Olympic Games. The centre was designed to monitor and coordinate all national transport partners involved in the delivery of transport during the Games. He also led the design and delivery of the London Transport Major Events Centre, which is used to coordinate all major planned and unplanned events across London. Mark has since worked both nationally and internationally as a subject matter expert on law enforcement and transportation, supporting major consultancy houses in the delivery of sophisticated solutions based around law enforcement, transportation, and public safety. As a police officer he was involved in recruit training and as a syndicate director at the College of Policing. He has designed and delivered a number of training courses for police forces across the Middle East. He is a visiting lecturer at a London based University, involved in the design and delivery of the Policing Degree, under the National Policing Education Qualifications Framework. In addition to this he is involved in the Scottish Judicial Service on a regular basis.



Mark Gore

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