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New Career

Looking for a new career?

If you are looking for new opportunities within the policing arena, consider working with us and our partners. We are on the lookout for talented individuals who have the skills or interest as, consultants, educators and researchers.

We are extremely interested in people with the following;

  Police experience,

  Academic police related qualifications

  Portfolio of police related research and/or teaching.

Do you have talent, drive and the ability, to support others, to improve policing as part of an inclusive innovative team.  We offer associates opportunities that include lecturing in across the world as well as the UK with an excellent benefits package. With planned expansion over the next two years to support our academic programmes, coaching and mentoring we are now building a team to fulfil our obligations.

We offer Free registration, however we will evaluate CVs and references to assess appropriate skills. We are committed to ensuring that all our associates have appropriate experience, skills and formal qualifications to support our programmes. We are looking for people who are reliable, flexible and have a passion for policing.

Inclusion on our list is not a guarantee of employment or opportunities as each opportunity will be allocated according to relevant skills and qualifications.

     The basis of policing is relationships with the community and partners so we require people who understand the importance of community communication, engagement and involvement;

  Individuals who see policing as bringing value to all the community and who work through individual diversity to improve policing outcomes;

  Individuals who value public service as an important aspect of life and that everyone contributes to improving society

  Our values are aligned with those of the code of ethics for policing with a focus on working with people to enhance their ability to make communities safer.

We welcome part time and flexible working and diversity that reflects local communities.

Registration will enable us to notify you of opportunities available for you to considered We will require Non-Disclosure Agreement to ensure confidentiality and protect our product, but you will not be contracted to us.

Apply as a full Associate.

Work with us as a team to develop new opportunities, as well as benefits listed.

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Full Associates Benefits

   Access to our database of information, programmes and experts

   Communication tools including Microsoft Office 365 (approx. value £150 per year)

   Business cards, letterheads and other templates

   Use of our business facilities including telephone number, postal address. Etc. (approx. value £300 a year)

   Support to improve your CV and LinkedIn profile (approx. value of £100)

   Leaning opportunities to enhance your skills, including social media, software and presentation skills

   Opportunities to become Associate Lecturers at the University of West London

   Free attendance at 2 conferences per year (approx. value of £200.00)

   Opportunities to engage, discuss issues and exchange ideas with other associates

NB there is a minimal admin cost for full membership

We run recruitment and information events throughout the year details are at << Eventbrite>>

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