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Graduate Programmes

LogosThe London Policing College and the University of West London have entered into a long term collaboration to work together on projects and programmes to bring together the expertise and experience of the London Policing College with the academic rigour and world class facilities of the University of West London. 

The collaboration has already: 


Designed a suite of undergraduate and post graduate policing qualifications which will be delivered in partnership

Secured funding to support conferences and research into police education 

Delivered a series of conferences: Mapping the Landscape of Violence 

Delivered  three International Conferences on Police Education engaging more than 30 countries and more than a thousand practitioners and academics. You can access last years conference on YouTube 


Details of our 4th international conference are available at:

conference link



Links to our programmes:

BSc (Hons) Professional Policing

link to University courseIf you are thinking about extending your skills for policing and have not previously studied in higher education our BSc (Hons) Policing may be the right one for you. Delivered by our expert team but working within the University of West London you will gain insights into the latest evidence on what works in policing, develop research, and study skills and enhance your career profile. It is aligned to the College of Policing Curriculum which means serving officers will be able to use their existing skills, knowledge and learning as part of their degree and focus on the skills of higher education and building new insights and learning.

For more information visit the University of West London website at BSc Policing



MSc Policing

link to university websiteIf you are more confident about education, you may be interested in one of our master’s degrees. The MSc in Policing is also framed on the National Curriculum and has been designed to recognise your studies for promotion or specialisms. There are several variations of the degree including Investigating Serious Crime, International, Leadership and Management and Forensic Psychology. Delivered by a specialist team made up from our experts with extensive police experience these courses will develop your critical analysis, your in-depth understanding of the subject and your skills to perform.

For more information visit the University of West London website at Postgraduate Courses


We also run a series of conferences and workshops through the year which can be used to help build your professional skills, introduce you to new ideas and allow you to meet with other professionals.

Whatever you choose we will be with you and you can always speak to one of our team through the contact us page to get further information.


Recognised Previous Experiential Learning

You may already have completed much of the study through your previous experience and education. Andy Rose (Course Director for the BSc Professional Policing and Senior Lecturer at the University of West London) explains.

Recognised Previous Experiential Learning (known as RPEL) is a process which is designed to support students with different work and educational backgrounds. It allows students to join a course of higher education at undergraduate or postgraduate level using recognised educational or professional qualifications as counting towards the entry and progression requirements for an education programme.  There is a vast list of educational qualifications from around the world. The College of Policing, working with universities, has created a list of qualifications mapped to the National Police Curriculum which may be credited accordingly.  Additionally, a person’s professional experience and non-accredited work-based courses, qualifications and experience can also be used. 

This process may involve a face to face interview or the provision of a 1000 word or so reflective essay covering your skills, experience and abilities to demonstrate your ability to perform at the appropriate level.  The point of the process is to ensure that you are not set up to fail and progress quickly to a place where your studies are adding to your capability. 

Even if you can’t evidence all of the knowledge and skills it may still be possible to provide a short module to fill any gaps.

We are here to answer any questions and support you through the process and if you have any questions please get in touch and contact us through the contact us page.


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