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Cyber Crime and Fraud

Fraud and Cyber Crime- Workshop 21st July 2022

This workshop has now taken place. A recording of the event is available here.

The presentation is available to view here.

‘Cybercrime and Fraud’ – Thursday 21st July 2022 0900-1100

Consider the challenges for policing  and impact on victims created by digital evidence, fraud and cybercrime. Discuss and examine current effective practice and how this shapes responses. What are the high-level themes from existing practice, innovative approaches, differing perceptions, and evidence capture, that could help to transform policing practice? Listen to the expert view debate and contribute to the discussion

• What are the Issues for Fraud and cybercrime and how can they be addressed?

• What change is required to improve police and industry investigation into fraud and cybercrime?

• What lessons can be learnt from the roll out and progress of Action Fraud

• How can industry better interact and collaborate with law enforcement and the justice system

This workshop will consider Fraud and Cybercrime in its widest sense, looking at how industry and law enforcement roles interact and are both independent yet need to be dependent to prevent and investigate fraud and cybercrime. It will serve as a consultative forum to discuss the role and implications of working through Action Fraud as well as the challenges of identifying and securing the provenance of evidence in a digital world.”

This police-academic-industry collaboration will look at best practice, what works and could be implemented in a cost neutral way. The findings of this workshop will be taken to the International Police Conference scheduled for September 2022 to be considered for support and implementation by senior stakeholders.

This event is a free online resource with an opportunity to listen to experts, put forward questions and promote examples of working practice. London Policing College are honoured to welcome several high calibre speakers for this workshop.

Chair: Dr Stuart Hyde QPM

Professor Alison Wakefield (University of West London)

Detective Superintendent Gary Miles (Head of Crime for National Fraud Intelligence Bureau at City of London Police)

Gary Hibberd (Cyber Security Expert, with over 20 years’ experience in technology, Data Protection and Cybersecurity)

Antony Walker (Deputy CEO TechUK)

Pete Williams (CCL Group Ltd)

Patrick Rappo (Fraud Advisory Panel)

Mike Riodan (Amazon Web Tech Services)

Workshop Outcomes

The outcomes from the workshop will be published after the workshop has completed. Please use the link below:

Speakers and Panellist Bios

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