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Speakers for the International Violence Against Women & Girls Workshop Part 2

Lance Lueck

Lance Lueck is the Director of Yayasan Operation Underground Railroad Rescue Indonesia Raya (O.U.R.), located in Jakarta, Indonesia since its inception in April 2022. O.U.R. is affiliated with a larger, international NGO, Operation Underground Railroad (USA) that supports governments and NGOs in the fight against human trafficking and child exploitation.

In February 2022, Lance retired from the U.S. Government, where he had served for over thirty-one years in Federal law enforcement as a criminal investigator and supervisor. He draws his experience from handling cases as an agent of the U.S. Customs Service and Homeland Security Investigations. Lance specialized in countering human trafficking, child exploitation, and counterproliferation (WMD) during his career. He served in numerous overseas assignments investigating these crimes and providing training to the host nation’s law enforcement agencies.

Lance also spent 23 years in the both the U.S. Army and Navy Reserve (Intelligence branch) and retired from military service as a Captain. Lance is married and has three sons.

Dr. Bahrul Fuad, MA is a Commissioner of the National Commission on Violence Against Women Republic of Indonesia. Bahrul is a Commissioner who is in charge of managing data on violence against women and public campaign programs to prevent violence against women.

Bahrul obtained his Ph.D. in Sociology from the University of Indonesia and his MA in Humanitarian Action from the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. He owns a long experience of working on disability issues, especially in the advocacy and community empowerment, Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) for more than 25 years which have been enriched his training participation in Indonesia and abroad.

Bahrul gained the trust of various international organizations to provide services as a consultant for disability and social inclusion; (GIZ (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit), NLR (Netherlands Leprosy Relief), TNF (The Nippon Foundation), Caritas Germany, Caritas Italiana, SMHF (Sasakawa Memorial Health Foundation), LCD (Leonard Chesire Disability- UK), AIPJ (Australia Indonesia Partnership for Justice), Program PEDULI TAF (The Asia Foundation)

Dr Bahrul Faud

Tatiana Kotlyarenko

Tatiana Kotlyarenko is the Advisor on Anti-Trafficking Issues at OSCE/ODIHR since 2016. She worked on the 2nd edition of the National Referral Mechanisms – Joining Efforts to Protect the Rights of Trafficked Persons: A Practical Handbook, and Addressing Emerging Human Trafficking Trends and Consequences of the COVID-19 Pandemic, as well as providing technical support and capacity building to combat trafficking in human beings to OSCE participating states. In response to the ongoing armed conflict in Ukraine, which especially impacts women and children, Tatiana is conducting rapid assessment missions and providing recommendations to countries on how to prevent and address trafficking of Ukrainian women and children. She also provided testimony at a US Congressional hearing on Protecting Ukrainian Refugees from Trafficking   

She was the founder and Executive Director of the Enslavement Prevention Alliance – West Africa in Ghana. In its first three months of its existence, EPAWA was responsible for a national anti-human trafficking Red Card campaign in partnership with ILO during Cup of African Nations 2008, and rescue of 60 girls from a child brothel. As the Executive Director of EPAWA, she has built dynamic relationships with international and local media, and development partners to raise awareness, generate visibility, and ensure assistance to vulnerable populations.

Tatiana holds a MA in Human Rights and Economic Development with Honors from Columbia University and a BA from Brandeis University. Her MA thesis focused on “Supply and Demand Dynamics of Sex Trafficking in Russia.” Tatiana has taken part in a CNN documentary titled “Innocence for Sale” in Cambodia, released in 2010.​ In her personal capacity, she assisted with responses to humanitarian crises in Afghanistan and Ukraine, by organizing and supporting evacuations, as well as other activities specifically aimed at protection of women and children. Tatiana is also a member of 10​0 Women of Davos and BMW Responsible Leaders Network.

Dr Sarah Bennett’s research aims to advance the role of policing, training and social interventions in improving outcomes for victims, offenders, and communities through applied rigorous research methods. Sarah has significant expertise in developing partnerships with criminal justice stakeholders to facilitate measurable and meaningful research outcomes in Australia and the UK. She completed her doctorate at the Institute of Criminology, Cambridge University, is an Associate Professor in Criminology at the University of Queensland and Fellow of the Academy of Experimental Criminology (AEC).

Dr Sarah Bennett

DSS Kirsten Helton

Kirsten Helton, graduated from the Queensland Police Service (QPS) Academy in 1990, from graduation Detective Senior Sergeant Helton went straight into the area of policing that most interested her, child protection investigations.  Having spent 22 years investigating child protection matters moving into training was a natural progression, and now being the Officer in Charge of Specialist Investigations Training means being able to influence other investigators in best practice and impart a wealth of knowledge and experience.

She formalised her field experience with a Master of Child and Adolescent Welfare and also completed the Cambridge University, Champion of Evidence Based Policing Course.  Having been involved with several projects to educate the QPS based on recommendations from Government imposed inquiries, she is a committed advocate of partnering with external agencies to garner diverse opinions and perspectives.  She would list embarking on a partnership with The University of Queensland to complete an EBP project as being a career highlight.



Ulrike holds degrees in psychology, sociology and pedagogic. She has been in police training and education at the College for Police and Administration for many years before joining IBZ Castle Gimborn, the IPA’s training and education centre. She is in charge of the development and delivery of the Institution’s training and advanced education programme.

Ulrike Neuhoff

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