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Speakers for the International Violence Against Women & Girls Workshop Part 1

May-Britt V. R. Ronnebro

May-Britt V. R. Ronnebro is an “Expert on Crime Prevention Methods” at the Center for Police Science and Development at Linneaus University, Växjö, Sweden. She is a ret. Superintendent and National Lead on Crime Prevention Education from the Swedish National Police with 46 years’ experience of policing in different roles on local, regional and national level.

She is a Fitzwilliam graduate at Cambridge University, England, UK and holds a master’s degree in Applied Criminology and Police Management. In 2015 she developed the

Swedish Crime Harm Index for violent crimes against person in public places. In 2020 she received the “Premio Apoxiomeno Award – Polizia Internazionale” in Italy due to her background as ambassador for the Swedish National Symphony Orchestra, delivery of further education to police officers worldwide and her development of the SCHI.

May-Britt V. R. Ronnebro is the Secretary General of the International Executive Board of the International Police Association. May-Britt maintains partnerships with other international associations and authorities related to the police profession including the International Education Centre Gimborn, Germany, the London West University/ London Policing College, the World Association of Detective, the International Association of Women Police, the Society of Evidence Based Policing – UK, and the UNESCO. She is member of the Policing Insight Advisory Board and the Advisory Board of the Cambridge Police Executive Programme.

She delivers lectures and presentations at universities, education centres and conferences/symposiums in Europe, Macau and USA on topics like Crime Prevention, Crime Harm Index, Evidence Based Policing, Domestic/Sexual Violence, Street Children and Equality.

Kim has worked in the Norwegian Police Force in the capital Oslo for 31 years as a Police Superintendent.

She has worked within various of fields: patrolling officer, investigator and intelligence officer. Kim worked for 15 years at the Organized Crime Division with: Criminal Motor cycle gangs (Hells Angels, Bandidos etc.), trafficking/prostitution, surveillance and communication control.

Since 2009 Kim started pioneer work among the female minority population in Oslo at the Prevention Unit. She visited all the mosques/churches/NGO`s and knocked on doors to get in contact with minority women. The painstaking and time-consuming effort gave results.  Kim carried out weekend trips for young girls, provided first-aid courses and helped women/children escape from unhealthy/violent relationships. She has also studied Arabic for many years too.

Kim has given presentations in multiple countries abroad and helped Police Forces abroad build up similar work in their own countries.

Kin was asked by the Norwegian Government during the pandemic– the Department of Health to use her contacts with minority groups to help to translate and give guidance (in multiple languages) the rules and regulations relating to the pandemic. After a few months the minority population was not the epi-center anymore.

In July 2021 Kim retired from the Police Force and started her own Company: “Diversity by Hiorth”. She continues to help the minorities in Norway, but as a civilian.

In 2021 she was asked by UN Women, HQ in New York, USA to work as a Police Cadre Expert in the Roll-out of the UN Women`s Handbook on Gender Responsive Police Services for Women and Girls Subject to Violence. She has just finished her first project in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with great success.

Kim Hiorth

Susanne Gosenius




Crime Victim Coordinator, Susanne Gosenius. She also works at the Swedish Police, Region Syd, Victim Protection Unit.



Ulrike holds degrees in psychology, sociology and pedagogic. She has been in police training and education at the College for Police and Administration for many years before joining IBZ Castle Gimborn, the IPA’s training and education centre. She is in charge of the development and delivery of the Institution’s training and advanced education programme.

Ulrike Neuhoff

Jeanette Kerr

Jeanette  is a Deputy Chief Executive, in Territory Families, Housing and Communities since September 2016.  She is responsible for a range of Child Protection, Family Support, Out of Home Care, Domestic Family and Sexual Violence Reduction and Youth Justice program areas and reform.

She served in the Northern Territory (Australia) for 29 years as a Police Officer, in regional and remote areas and in a range of operational, criminal investigation and public safety roles.  Jeanette reached the rank of Assistant Commissioner before taking up the position with Territory Families.

Jeanette holds a number of degrees including a Bachelor of Social Science, Bachelor Arts –Psychology (Honours), Master of Leadership and Management and in 2013, she was awarded a Wakefield Scholarship to attend Cambridge University (UK) and completed a Master of Studies degree in Criminology. Jeanette’s Master thesis is a descriptive analysis of the characteristics, seriousness and frequency of Aboriginal intimate partner violence in the Northern Territory, Australia: a strategy for targeting high harm cases.

Following this award, she has been an Academic Supervisor from 2017 to 2021 on the Master of Studies Program for the Cambridge University, Institute of Criminology.

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