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Focusing on making Police networks safer the lessons and exercises will be of considerable benefit to Investigators or those wishing to develop skills in Digital Investigations. It is aimed at providing a common understanding of Networks and Network Security.

Starting with an introduction to how Networks operate and the architecture of systems the course will help participants understand how access control systems secure data.

The course will introduce rules and policies as well as methods of enforcement and compliance necessary to protect the integrity of organisations networks. Wireless connectivity, so often a high risk activity and the Risk models associated with mobile access will be covered.

Participants will understand how attacks are undertaken and how an organisation should protect itself from disaster or criminality. Finally the course will link to physical security actions that complement digital security.

Course Description:

By addressing and understanding Network and Digital risk participants will understand security events or attacks (malicious activity attempting to collect, disrupt, deny, degrade, or destroy) and security incidents (successful breaches of systems) that occur and those people who are actively working to attack them.

Participants will also develop a clear understanding of cyber security and the difference between cyber-crime or a breach of cyber security such as human error, a power outage or other issues that can make a system unsecure but not necessarily related to criminal activity. Participants will explore prevention strategies for a range of situations and how to ensure compliance in a highly mobile and fast changing world

The course will consist of a series of formal presentations supported by a series of exercises designed to test participant’s understanding and to ensure that the learning is linked to the participant’s work environment.

By having to make reference to the real workplace the course will make it far easier for participants to maximise the benefits from the learning when returning to work. It is expected that participants will have made contact with relevant IT units within their own organisation prior to attending the course.

Some of the learning will be delivered through workshops where delegates will be required to undertake a short team based study session exploring an aspect of Information Security issues, including though not exclusively Cyber-attacks, cyber warfare, prevention campaigns, Firewalls, commercial outsourcing and data protection. These short study sessions will ignite an interest in the wider information security world and will be shared amongst all participants to maximise learning.

The course will contain elements of other Cyber- orientated courses and the learning will blend with both the Digital Leader and Cyber-Crime. Risks from the extensive use of Social Media will be covered and the course will link effectively into the Social Media course

Course Inputs:

  • Participants will explore risks and threats to digital environments
  • They will be able to explore strategies to protect data and to ensure its integrity
  • Exposure will be provided to high and low risk digital environments an participants will be able to understand how information assurance strategies operate
  • Viruses Worms and other attack situations will be covered
  • Preventative strategies will be discussed and evaluated
  • Physical complementary security will be covered

Course Outputs:

  • Being competent to understand Information Assurance strategies, implications and data protection issues
  • Participants will understand what is necessary to protect a digital environment including online networks, Wi-Fi and Mobility issues
  • Be able to create effective prevention strategies including education and investigation elements
  • Be able to evaluate and analyse attacks against networks

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