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Course Abstract
This five day course will help participants to understand an individual’s digital footprint, the evidence left behind following an action using a computer or mobile device

Course Description
By linking digital surveillance and real-life surveillance participants will have the tool to embark more effectively at covertly monitoring the actions of suspects or criminals. Participants will be able to use open and closed intelligence sources and will be far more competent and confident in understanding the movements of targeted individuals.

Course Inputs:

  • Identifying other users on the Internet. (IP addressing and look up tools)
  • Covert use of the Internet by Police and how to evidence it. (Covert or non attributable lines)
  • Internet footprints, how to identify the criminals and how they could identify you. (Webserver logs, click throughs)
  • Anonymous use of the Internet for criminal or law enforcement purposes.
  • Evidence capture and corroboration. (Screen recording and hashing)
  • Use of anonymising tools to hide online activity. (proxy servers and TOR)
  • Use of online tools to trace IP addresses. (Central ops, DNS stuff, IPnetInfo)
  • Use of Network monitoring software to view communications. (Wireshark)
  • Real world links – How the use of Bluetooth and Wifi could compromise covert activity.

Course Outputs:

  • An understanding of how computers are identified on the Internet.
  • Ability to use Open Source surveillance to gain intelligence on criminals and build profiles
  • Be able to safely monitor people’s Internet activity without compromise.
  • Be able to covertly communicate on line with a criminal to gain intelligence and capture the evidence.
  • Be able to monitor network traffic and view communications (legislation permitting).
  • Be able to present their findings to a Court in an evidential manner.
  • Be able to recognise the dangers for law enforcement in the use of digital communications.

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  • 1 week, 3 days


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