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This half day workshop will introduce participants to the COPS3 Progressive Learning System™. Participants will learn the process for developing courses using the system and how it is at the heart of the London Policing College approach to police training.


COPS3 Progressive Learning System™


Course Description for Marketing

This half day workshop is intended for Associates of the London Policing College and those who may wish to become Associates and is a requirement for accreditation to deliver London Policing College products. The workshop is interactive and participants will participate in a number of exercises to understand and develop the COPS3 Progressive Learning System™ and how courses, modules and units are produced and delivered.

Held in a central location the workshop will provide an overview of what the London Policing College is doping and where it intends to go, some basic IT support and introduce the Learning Management System which underpins our systems to ensure consistency and our values as a training provider.

Aims and Objectives

The workshop aims to introduce participants to the key elements of the COPS3 Progressive Learning System™, the Learning Management System and how to access the IT which supports it.

By the end of the workshop participants will be able to:

Describe the current work plan of the LPC

  • Understand the importance of accreditation in the current work plans
  • Explain the COPS3 Progressive Learning System™
  • Access the Learning Management System
  • Describe a Module, Unit, Lesson and Course and explain how assessment will be carried out

Modules and Units

This course is made up of two units

The COPS3 Progressive Learning System™
Progress in 2014 What we have achieved, how we did it and what we have learnt
COPS3 Progressive Learning System™ What is it and how will it help us
Course Design Process How courses are designed and approved
Using the Learning Management System
The Learning Management System How to access it and how it works
Email, IT and Social media How we intend to use these forms of communication


Accredited to Deliver

Rod Jarman QPM

Director of the London Policing College and with responsibility for learning and leadership Rod has the ideal position from which to present these core messages

Marc Davis

Marc’s interest in web design and IT systems with his experience in Abu Dhabi make him an ideal choice to explain the system and how it can be used.

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  • 1 week, 3 days
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