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Organisational Courses

Courses delivered by the London Policing College

Our approach to training is to focus on what is needed by operational staff at all levels in order to be as effective as possible. Shaped by our experience and the history of policing in the UK.

Crime Prevention

In 1829 Sir Richard Mayne (The Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police) wrote:  “The primary object of an efficient police is the prevention of crime: the next that of detection and punishment of offenders if crime is committed”.

This is as relevant to policing today as it was then. Our Crime Prevention and Offender Management courses are led by International experts in policing providing officers the skills and capabilities to be excellent in their roles in dealing with Crime and Criminals as part of the Community. We have focussed our courses into two groups; those that focus on the relationship and impact of crime on communities and those that are more concerned with crime and those who commit them, Criminals.

Achieving Excellence

Our excellence courses are designed to develop leadership and management skills. Our belief built on our experience is that successful officers are professionally competent, engage communities and are exceptional leaders. We know that without the focus on transactional repetitive tasks and the constant need to ensure that systems are followed properly that organisations simply fail to operate effectively.
We also have many years experience of leading high performing teams through understanding the transformational aspects of leadership, the need to focus on individuals (and their development) as well as the needs of the organisation and that if you want staff to put in the extra needed in difficult operating environments that individuals must be motivated, loyal and well supported.

Public Safety

Public Safety is a key component of policing that is relevant across all disciplines. Our courses are designed and delivered by trainers with extensive experience of planning and operational delivery in the UK and elsewhere. They are practical courses aimed at those with responsibility for operational delivery. The courses are interactive and designed to give learners the opportunity to build knowledge, develop skills and take a positive approach in order to become operationally competent.
They help develop capable leaders at every level on the understanding that leadership is abut role not rank.
The practical nature of the courses acknowledges the fact that all activity takes place in the community and must, where appropriate, involve the public. The courses draw heavily on real events that have helped shape the most up to date thinking on public safety.

Public safety is the first responsibility of any effective government (Nick Herbert 2010)

UK Courses

We offer a range of Internationally acclaimed programmes, workshops and courses which we have developed in line with the UK National Occupational Standards and the College of Policing’s Authorised Professional Practice. To ensure standards we accredit our courses and use our unique COPS3 Progressive Learning System  to focus learning on the issues we believe will best enhance the capability of individuals.
Our approach is to provide training to all but to recognise the difference that roles and experience have in the students’ needs.

To achieve this we award learning at three levels:
for those people who are learning about a subject which they may use in their workplace.
for those people engaged in delivery of services; learning will enhance their capability to deliver
Leading :
for those people engaged in leadership and supervision of others or organisations.

We assess through formal knowledge checks (Awareness), simulations and exercises (Working) and through work based projects (Leading). Our delivery team will work with students to ensure they achieve the award at the right level for them, supporting them to gain sufficient learning and evidence. Our courses are open to all so we often have people who are at the awareness level working alongside those who are in advanced leadership positions. Our system encourages this mixed approach, sharing experiences, knowledge and skills amongst the students to keep the learning environment rooted in current operational issues.


Crime Prevention and Offender Management:

Our programmes consider Crime from the perspective of the community and the Criminal. This clarity of approach enables participants to understand how they can be more effective in their role in reducing crime and detecting offenders


Public Safety

Participants are encouraged to develop approaches to leading day to day operations, police officers and events to enhance the safety of the public and officers involved. Based on the ACPO Decision Making Models and working with the latest thinking from the Institute of Civil Protection and Emergency Management they provide everything from an introduction to advanced skills.

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Our courses develop capability to managing systems and processes, lead teams and organisations and apply consistent and relentless pressures on crime and criminals. Using Skills for Justice National Occupational Standards and supporting the Collage of Policing Authorised Professional Practice we enable people and organisations achieve excellence through Professional Competence, Leadership and Engaging Communities.

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Progressive Learning and delivery

We work closely with academic bodies and accrediting organisations to ensure that our approaches are relevant and use the latest approaches. Our programmes reflect our approach to policing and progress individuals learning in progressive steps; sharing information and knowledge, engaging and developing skills, involving participants in the development of new approaches.

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