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Promotion Courses


London Policing College are delighted to offer Leadership Promotion Courses. After careful review and monitoring of Metropolitan Police processes, we have been able to identify delivery experts with excellent track records.

Our Strategic lead is former Detective Superintendent Shabnam Chaudhri who has successfully run in house promotion classes in the Metropolitan Police Service for all different ranks across many years. Building on her wealth of experience and insights we will offer intense one day courses. This will allow you to consolidate previous experiences with a clear structure to prepare for the process.


Our Leadership Promotion Course will include insights and development for:



 Gain confidence, practice responses and achieve




Develop your approach, add clarity and engage your audience



Assessment centres

Understand what is happening, how they work and how to show competence



Group discussions

Engage with others, get across your points and be effective



In Tray/report writing

Organising your work, managing the time and presenting your solutions



Interactive exercises

Identify the issue, engage with the process and present your ideas



Role play

Getting into the task, presenting the behaviours and gaining marks


The subject matter is reviewed, researched and carefully improved  as new processes are published. This ensures wel provide a tailor-made solution to enhance success rates based on the changing requirements of each assessment centre.

The proposed timetable for annual processes are subject to change but are published as


Sergeant to Inspector (Jan to April)

Inspector to Chief Inspector (June till Oct)

Chief Inspector to Superintendent (April to Jul)

Superintendent to Chief Superintendent (Oct to Jan)

Bespoke programmes will be provided for Senior Command Course preparation on an individual basis and request.


We are closely monitoring the impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) on our operations. We are reviewing the College of Policing and MPS scheduled events, courses and exams which are subject to changes at short notice and will amend our programmes accordingly




Blackstone’s Police Manuals, endorsed by the College of Policing, are the only official study guides for the National Police Promotions Framework Step Two Legal Examination.

The manuals offer you the only comprehensive version of the 2020 syllabus and they are the only resource used by question writers when preparing the NPPF Step Two Legal Examination.


The Leadership Promotion Course with the London Policing College will help you prepare for success. Here are some of the aspects that you can think about now:

  • Be confident, you are ready for promotion and we will make sure your potential can be demonstrated effectively to the assessors.
  • Involve your family and friends. They will be impacted as the process will require personal time and commitment. They are the core of your support team and everyone will be involved in getting your through.
  • Build a support group around you of colleagues and peers. Establish a study group and or a study buddy.
  • Be ‘yourself’ throughout the promotion process. You are assessed on what you do on the day so make sure the assessors see how brilliant you are.



Application Form

  • You can prepare for the application form by considering some previous examples of where you have demonstrated the key competencies outlined above. It will be important for you to provide enough detail within the word limit following the SOAR (Situation, Objective, Action, Result) format.



You can prepare for the interview by considering some previous examples of where you have demonstrated the key competencies. In the interview, it is important for the observer to gain a better understanding of what you have done so be careful to choose examples where you can illustrate what you did, and not just the things you did as part of a group. Ensure you consider the situation and task you were faced with, what action you took and what the results were.

  • For the hypothetical questions in the interview, you should just take your time to think about what you might do if faced with such a situation. Think about what action you would take and why. Consider the competencies against which you are being measured and ensure that these come across in your responses.
  • Regardless of the type of question, within the interview do feel free to take a moment or two to think about which example or response you wish to give to
    best reflect the relevant competencies. It is in your best interests to take the time to think about what you have been asked and how you can best respond before speaking. Time will be built into the interview to allow for you to reflect and choose appropriate examples.



The basis for the training is the Metropolitan Police Service’s Leadership Framework, which consists of four key competencies:

A Sharp Mind  ++  Drive and Energy  ++  Being Yourself  ++  Leading Others


These competencies have been broken down into sub-competencies, and it is these sub-competencies that you will be measured against. Different exercises within the assessment process will focus on different sub-competencies. Underpinning each competency and throughout all exercises, the Metropolitan Police Service values will also be considered:



Taking pride in the quality and efficiency of our service, we strive for excellence in all we do, recognising good performance and challenging poor behaviour.

We work to understand and meet the expectations and needs of the communities we serve. We collaborate and deliver as a team, whilst taking personal responsibility for our actions.


We act ethically and serve without fear or favour, respecting and valuing individuals for the diversity they bring.

We inspire trust and confidence by doing the right thing and matching our behaviours to our words, always being fair, consistent, open-minded and honest.


We stand up for what’s right, remaining resilient under moral and physical pressure, admitting and learning from our mistakes and holding others to account if we need to.


We respond to the needs of those we serve and protect, treating the public and each other with respect and dignity, being caring, friendly and engaging and taking time to clarify and explain.





To register an interest in attending a Leadership Promotion Course please use the contact us form specifying which process you are interested in.

When the process has been finalised by the Metropolitan Police Service we will send you confirmed dates available for the Leadership Promotion Courses being run by the London Policing College.


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