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Looking for Operational Advice? Try our knowledge hub

Need help and advice with a tricky issue, a sticky problem or researching a specific aspect of policing. Let’s see if we can help.

  Unique access to professionals who can assist with specific questions and direction creating a bespoke information hub

  Key briefs highlighting options available based on the previous extensive experiences of company professionals

  FAQ demonstrating what has worked previously with unintended consequences detailed


Do you have a tricky issue, a sticky problem or are you researching a specific aspect of policing? Tap into an existing network of over 100 experts able to assist with information and advice or provide a bespoke problem centred consultancy. The range of options include;

Briefing notes

Produced by our panel of experts, these short briefings provide advice and assistance. They will signpost you to relevant information sources and contain a short learning module to assist developing portfolio evidence.

Conference with Our Partner

Conference details scheduled with our partner, the University of West London.  Our next conference ‘Mapping the Landscape of Violence’ will include domestic abuse, terrorism, youth violence and policing.

Conference with British Council

Conference details scheduled with the British Council. A series of conferences in the UK, China and Middle East was  launched in December 2019 when we hosted the Review of Police Education International Conference at the University of West London. Further conference dates will be advertised when finalised.

Useful External Links

Our research has identified sources of useful advice and information that are indexed as an easy to use guidance document. If you would like to add to the index, then please do signpost the information and verifiable source to us.

Frequently asked questions

This is a searchable document that includes answers. Alternatively browse through to build your own knowledge base.

Ask the expert

If you have a complex issue that cannot be covered as a general issue, we will refer it to our Subject Matter Expert who will use their past experience coupled with the latest academic police research to provide a solution.

Learning programmes with links detailing each programme with objectives. We have included details of the consultancy services we can provide with brief overviews.

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