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David Peacock (Leadership and Development)

Career Achievements, Expertise, Awards and Qualifications

David during his 31 year policing career, spanning three forces and two national agencies, provided leadership, strategic direction and operational decision making. His last position was as Chief Officer National lead for Police training.


David’s has undertaken responsibilities associated with a Lectureship at Portsmouth University, achieving exceptional Student Survey satisfaction ratings on modules he designed, co-ordinated and delivered. David has developed an SME business designing and delivering training to police forces, regulators, and local authorities in the UK and internationally of behalf of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office and British High Commission, broadening the training services offered across the law enforcement market, also developing business opportunities in the Caribbean.


David led the delivery of the first Authorised Professional Practice framework in policing, which took a multitude of disparate policies, operating within the 43 police forces across England & Wales, creating a single IT based coherent database that now provides up to date policy on all matters of operational policing.


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