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Graeme McGowan (Cybercrime Specialist)

Career Achievements, Expertise, Awards and Qualifications

Graeme previous experience is in a Government Intelligence Agency. For 2 years Graeme was seconded to the Home Office post-7/7 as the first Senior Government Communications Officer and also responsible for developing the Code of Practice for, and the enactment of, RIPA Part III, which provided appropriate legal powers to access encrypted data.

Graeme has held numerous Directorial roles including Global Client Director for the UK Strategic Arm of a Swiss Software House, Cyber Advisor to a Global Security Risks Group and Director Cyber Security for a UK-based Security company to develop their Cyber & Cyber Security solutions portfolio.

Graeme is currently Director Cyber Security & Risk for the Optimal Risk Group, CISO & Senior Tutor & Cyber Advisor to The Global Cyber Academy, CISO for the Sokin Group and Advisory Board member, Zortrex.

Graeme provides specialist risk advisory & converged cyber & physical security services to Public and Private sector organisations.

Graeme is also Founder of “Languages Arts & Culture”, a global educational social networking web resource. LA&C will enable members to interact globally via voice, video and text chat regardless of age or ability/disability in a safe environment.

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