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John Fleming, IPM, MA

Career Achievements, Expertise, Awards and Qualifications

John Fleming, IPM, MA

A career police officer with London’s Metropolitan Police, John has also worked on secondments to the UK Home Office and ACRO Criminal Records Office.

Operationally, John qualified as a Level 1 Public Order Officer (TSG), Officer Safety Instructor, Duty Officer and a spent a year on a dedicated Surveillance team. John also qualified as a Post Incident Manager (Firearms), Mediator and Strategic Management of Intelligence. John was commended by the Commissioner for his presentations to university terrorism studies courses on Intelligence and the 7/7 Tavistock Square terrorist bus attack where he was first on scene.

While working in Counter Terrorism, John developed ‘Operation Sharvor’ a Multi-Agency tactical option for screening international coach routes into the UK and was requested by the European Traffic Police Network (TISPOL) to act as tactical advisor working on deployments in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and Rome.

As an intelligence professional and qualified Project Manager, John has worked with Europol, Interpol and International liaison Officers to improve intelligence sharing on foreign nationals leading to a posting with the UK Home Office. Here John developed a pilot with Kent and Essex force areas ‘Operation Radar’ and was further seconded to the ACRO Criminal Records Office where he led the intelligence function to improve coordination of fast-time intelligence decision-making for both policing and Immigration Enforcement receiving a commendation.

John worked directly to the Head of Counter Terrorism Policing Head Quarters (Borders and Strategic Design) leading a number of exercises and reviews in Protect, Pursue, Prevent and Prepare. John has also delivered CT courses to International delegations and is Lean Start-Up Innovation trained (GCHQ).

John is also a Graduate of the Spanish National Police School in (Avila) and the European Academy of Law (Trier).

John achieved his MA in Intelligence and Security through University of Leicester

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