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Mike Hurst MSc

Career Achievements, Expertise, Awards and Qualifications

Mike was the lead for Operation Sterling Safeguarding Vulnerable adults, worked with partners including charities, Universities, and banks.

He has experience in Information Technology, Cyber Security, Economic Crime and Policing and interests in Fraud, Cyber Enabled crime, Incident Response, Standards, Insurance and Cyber Forensic investigations.

Mike is a speaker at universities, his subjects include cyber crime, fraud and abuse of the elderly.

He has worked on several Data Processing projects in the UK and Middle East. This included assignments in Iran and Dubai, and in Saudi Arabia, Employed by the Arabian American Oil Company, Saudi-Aramco, on loan to the Saudi Consolidated Electric Company, in the Eastern Province. Roles included Systems Design, Analysis and Project Management working individually and part of teams involving Analysis, Design and Delivery of systems, including training design and delivery.

Mike has an MSc IT Security (with Distinction) from the University of Westminster. His final project was entitled ‘Inclusion, Confusion and Exclusion’, – Is Technology making the vulnerable more vulnerable?

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