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Patrick Wengler MSc

Career Achievements, Expertise, Awards and Qualifications

Patrick has over 20 years of experience with the Luxemburgish Army and Police, Patrick developed his knowledge in chemical, biological, and radiological agents (CBRN) and hazardous material (HAZMAT) as well as Police tactics.
Patrick developed training programmes on firearms, tactics, and HAZMAT / CBRN awareness and response for the Luxemburgish Airport Police, the United States Army Europe, the NATO EOD Centre of Excellence, Irish Defence Forces, and the Swiss Miliz.
In 2017 he started working with the Organisation for the Prevention of Chemical Weapons (“OPCW”) as a lecturer and facilitator teaching courses and training in English, French and Italian on Incident Management, CBRN Investigations, Train the Trainer, Chemical Awareness and Protection for Police officers in several countries including Brazil, Czech Republic, Italy, Ivory Coast, Malaysia, and The Hague.
Patrick lectures at Universities in aviation, emergency management, investigation and incident awareness related to attacks or accidents with hazardous material or CBRN agents, policing and CBRN, history of CBRN and weapon of mass destructions (WMD’s), HAZMAT awareness and operations, history of policing, and political violence and radicalisation leading to terrorism.
Patrick is an active member of the International Police Association (IPA), National Tactical Officers Association (NTOA) and Emergency Planning Society (EPS). He holds a MSc degree in Security and a Master in CBRN.
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