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Paul is a former New Scotland Yard Detective Sergeant and until recently was a Police Training Manager for the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) Crime Academy. He now delivers a plethora of teaching/consultancy lecturing such as at the University of Bedfordshire predominantly in Policing Programmes, Forensic Science and Crime Scene Management. Paul also delivers in decision making and risk management alongside some Media Crime Drama Consultancy. Paul still consults for the MPS in Crime Scene Preservation, Exhibits, Public Protection (management of violent/dangerous offenders and registered sex offenders), Safeguarding and Interviewing to Graduate entry Detectives, Homicide officers and PIP 2. Paul has represented the police in training across the UK with external Governmental stakeholders such as course content developer for OFCOM, HMRC, and delivery with the National Communications Data Service. He has taught internationally too, using his excellent interpersonal, verbal/written communication skills. Paul is a qualified assessor and teacher utilising this for developing and moderating accreditation evidence of students and he also has a background in Building Management and Logistics within the Teaching Environment. Paul was nominated for the prestigious Police Federation Detective Forum Awards in 2015 for his “Services to Detectives.” He has received six police commendations for his part in the professional delivery of MPS training such as to officers in Crime Scene Management at Grenfell, alongside six for his detective ability in such matters as his family liaison work, homicide investigation and general detective investigations.



Paul Kingdon PCE

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