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Dr Robin Bhairam QPM ProfD MSc

Career Achievements, Expertise, Awards and Qualifications

Robin has over 30 years’ experience of policing in London where Robin achieved the rank of Detective Superintendent with an extensive operational and management experience of large-scale enquiries, critical incident management, high profile investigations and policing activity.

He has managed performance delivery, critical incidents, finance and people; leading change and project management processes at strategic and local levels. His expertise is in large and complex investigations and intelligence management, working in these roles in the Racial and Violent Crime Task force, Counter Terrorism and Frontline Policing contexts.

Robin effectively delivered extensive investigations and intelligence operations in London within frontline policing, specialist policing and the counter terrorism command. He was the Senior Investigating Officer (SIO) for the 2011 London disorders and brings both extensive operational experience and considerable experience in research and supporting students on masters and doctorial programmes.

Robin is an experienced Senior Lecturer in Criminological related subjects including Youth Gang Culture, Sexual Exploitation, Human Trafficking, Political Extremism, Counter Terrorism (Political Narrative and Radical Activity).

Robin is also a Post Graduate Supervisor experience at master’s and Doctoral level.

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