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Sean Hannigan BEd

Career Achievements, Expertise, Awards and Qualifications

Sean Hannigan B.Ed. FRSA FPolEd

Career Achievements, Expertise, Awards and Qualifications


Sean has 5 years expert operational experience in counter and anti-terrorism, leadership, training, and project management resulting from service as a regular Army Captain

He gained a B.Ed. from Queens University Belfast pursuing an 8-year career as a peripatetic special/additional needs specialist concentrating on Dyslexia, Dyspraxia, Asperger’s, and young adults with complex behavioural difficulties.

For the last 21 years Sean served the communities in Leicestershire as an operational officer, community beat officer, public order medic, surveillance and technical officer, field intelligence and dedicated source handler. He specialised in working with hard-to-reach communities including diverse faith communities, the travelling community and looked after young people.

Sean devised and implemented the Bosworth Project where, as a police officer he was permanently embedded into the fabric of an 1800 pupil school for 2 years while still serving the Community outside school. The project steered students away from crime using a partnership approach. Sean was responsible for writing and delivering integrated teaching packages on Drugs, ASB, Assaults and Cyber stalking/bullying/sexting. He used the Cambridge CHI as a research tool to measure the success of the Project.

For over 15 years Sean has presented and chaired regularly, seminars at IBZ Gimborn Germany, ranging from, the Police Profession, Cyber terrorism, criminal mobility, Islamic integration, trauma and stress in policing, Internal security /personal rights. Sean is a regular attendee at Cambridge University EBP and Cybercrime conferences.

He is Vice President of the International Police Association having held the Professional Portfolio and currently the Cultural and Communications Portfolios. Sean is currently working on the Police Master’s programme at the University of West London.

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