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Shabnam Chaudhri (Investigation and Safeguarding Specialist)

Career Achievements, Expertise, Awards and Qualifications

Shab has over 30 years of policing rising to Superintendent level with experience of major crime investigations lead, head of safeguarding, detective experience in the management of Pan-London incidents, leading and managing firearms and critical incidents, front-line operational experience as detective and uniform senior leader, including neighbourhood policing, and serious and priority crime, response head of safeguarding across East London, and International Liaison Lead for the London 2012 Olympics.

Shab is a Director of Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks) working closely with organisations such as Victim Support, national police forces, together on high-profile cases, allowing people from across the UK to report any form of Anti-Muslim abuse.

Her certificated skills include mentoring and coaching, registered within the Met Career Development Services; Level 5 Leadership, 1. Managing Authenticity, 2. The Focussed Leader 3. Managing Diversity and Major events Gold Commander.

Shab has been presented with several awards for her leadership, contributions to policing, work around forced marriage, honour-based violence and most recently for her work around hate crime.

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