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Mission and Values

mission and Values


Fair and ethical police services protecting human rights in every community and country.

We are a growing company creating a catalyst for positive change. We select the places where we work to maximise and influence changes in behaviour working with police and communities committed to improving the safety of each member of the community.

‘The great aim of education is not knowledge but action’. Herbert Spencer


Empowering police to provide services for all members of society in line with Human Rights improving everyone’s safety and security

We seek opportunities with police and community groups aspiring to develop policing and justice systems to directly benefit people in local communities. Our activity is focussed to ensure our decision making is ethically sound and we support the development of human rights. We design programmes in collaboration with partners, always cognisant of the cultural and operational environment. Our aim is to make individuals and communities safer and more secure using the latest evidence from research and evaluation of what works in policing.

We believe that the community are the police and the police are always part of the community’. Robert Peel


Diversity and Inclusion – driving our teams and our services

Doing the right thing – acting with integrity and honesty

Human rights – promoting them through our organisation, our decisions, and our work

Sustainability – working with communities and minimising our impact on the environment.

We are an ethical company with a unique business model. LPC believe in creating an environment for our employees and our clients to flourish and succeed. Our culture is guided by respect, collaboration, transparency, diversity and feedback. We do not tolerate disrespect, discrimination or intolerance. We encourage innovative approaches to learning, sustainable solutions involving the power of communities and collaborations to achieve success.

A donation is made to a range of community-based projects and charities in the countries in which we work.

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