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Through our partnership with the University of West London (UWL)we bring a unique and rich opportunity for clients with strong academic procedures, policing experts and excellent facilities. London Policing College (LPC) has extensive and highly rated experience of working with international clients to develop skills and approaches to enhance outcomes.

Based in London, and with close ties with the Metropolitan Police Service, we bring numerous opportunities for development. Candidates on our programmes gain excellent learning and then visit operational events to experience delivery of those concepts within the capital city.

The unique nature of the London Policing College (LPC) includes the following;

  • Operational experience
    • Experts with experience of delivery in complex and challenging environments
    • Strong connection with Metropolitan Police Service and other UK forces
    • involved in development of police services in the UK and many other countries
    • Leading international development of police education through the International Forum on Police Education Cooperation (IFPEC) and British council projects
  • International insight and Experience of provision of programmes
    • Experience of delivering programmes to multiple clients
    • Long term partnerships and collaborations providing programmes and consultancy contextualised for international partners.
    • Experience of delivery in host countries
    • A proven track record of supporting students in the UK.
  • Experienced and qualified delivery team
    • Strategic, operational and tactical experts with proven track records of delivery.
    • Delivery team involves officers who have held senior roles in numerous police forces across the UK
    • Diverse lecturing team of experts with variety of experiences, language and cultural knowledge
    • Leadership and management capabilities including coaching/mentoring, project management and change experts.
    • Extensive experience of delivery of PR and communications training based upon our extensive experience of managing police operations
  • Consultancy Services
    • supporting organisations involved in police education and development
    • bespoke services for community safety and youth diversion programmes
    • direct consultancy to UK and international police forces to enhance community safety and to reduce crime
    • provision of technical support to media and news organisations
    • support to legal professionals engaged in police related cases
  • Academic rigour from the partnership with University of West London (UWL)
    • top-ranking modern university
    • focus on individual and career development
    • specialist teaching facilities including mock court, crime scenes, forensic digital and science laboratories
    • rating no 1 for forensic science in the UK
    • access to modern and extensive library and research facilities
    • world leading research into youth violence, cyber-security, domestic abuse and police education
    • action research on issues such as mental health and drugs misuse, investigation of sexual violence allegations and international police education


The London Policing College brings partnerships with several police training organisations:

  • history of working in the United Arab Emirates including with the Community and Police Science Institute of Abu Dhabi Police, Al Darak Police Training and Consultancy, Zayad university (delivering the UAE police high potential programme) and the Ministry of Interior.
  • formal collaborations and memorandums of understanding:
    • in China with the Peoples Public Security University of China, The Criminal Investigation Police University of China, Hunan Police Academy, Shanghai Police Academy and Jiangxi Police Academy
    • with the Royal Thai Police Cadet Institute and the Police Academy of Cambodia
  • partnership with the Scottish Independent Police Education and Research group of Universities


Key roles in specific international development programmes.

  • Developing policing cooperation, education and research between the police educators in UK; China; Belt and Road Initiative; and ASEAN Countries

The London Policing College is the lead for the British Council sponsored project intended to create sustainable partnerships to;

  • improve employability and progression of graduates in police disciplines,
  • develop creative and supportive international networks for students, researchers and those involved in police education
  • create a legacy of international higher education programmes
  • enhance international police policy and engagement


  • International Forum on Police Education Cooperation (IFPEC)

The London Policing College is a Vice Chair of this forum which includes police education organisations from 30 countries. The forum has a programme designed to share information, opportunities and experience between countries defined by the Belt and Road Initiative and Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). Thirty (30) countries are members of the Forum with many pending applications to join.


Consultancy on specific policing issues; A combination of professional experience, with access to the latest research, supplemented with our international reach and network.  Using our knowledge hub, we can use past evidence to evaluate what worked, lessons learnt, applying that to current operational context to identify the most appropriate solution.


Capability to design and deliver education programmes with a speedy response to Training Needs and Performance Needs Analysis. Producing effective interventions to develop skills and capabilities. Releasing potential while maximising the investment you make in your own staff as your most valuable asset.


Capitalise and develop the skills and ability to develop collaborative partnerships to generate efficiencies and effectiveness. This is particularly relevant to working with community safety departments, maximising opportunities to achieve shared outcomes and goals.

Business partnerships currently include

The University of West London

Collaboration with the University has enabled us to deliver several impressive undergraduate and post graduate policing programmes.  The unique knowledge and experience of our company supplements the excellent academic knowledge resulting in a very high-quality product. This long-term and important partnership is developing policing as a subject area integrating into academic and other professional programmes.

Close-up of a traditional police lantern on display outside a metropolitan police station in the center of London England.

Police Agencies

We have developed extensive partnerships with several organisations to provide the formal underpinning relationships to support learning and development. These include:

   The Metropolitan Police Service

    The National Crime Agency

    Community safety organisations

Major UK companies

We provide consultancy and services to a number of UK companies through formal contracts. These include:

    Babcock International – Consultancy on police education programmes

    Sunland International – Design and delivery of police study programmes.

International partners

United Arab Emirates

London Policing College has been contracted to provide training courses to Police departments Abu Dhabi and Dubai.

LPC successfully designed 75 different programmes ranging from courses for Officer Safety, Driving, Problem Solving and Leadership. The LPC operational team delivered over 500 courses engaging approximately 10,000 officers (of a total force number of 33,000). The feedback from each session was used for continuous improvements to enhance delivery.

Our consultancy for the Community Policing Department included youth development, organisational change and educational development.

Community Police and Police Science Institute of Abu Dhabi Police; consultancy and design and delivery on community policing and leadership programmes

Al Darak Management Consultants  design and delivery of police skills and leadership courses

Quality Training design and delivery of police skills and leadership courses

Zayad University designing and delivering operational elements of the Sheikh Zayad High Potential Scheme of UAE police.

People’s republic of China

London Policing College has collaborated with the Ministry of Public Security and several national policing units in China. This work included central departments leading on police strategy, finance, network security, drugs and food security.

London Policing College has created formal partnerships with several police universities and colleges including Hunan, Shanghai and Jiangxi Police Academies: Peoples Public Security University of China, Criminal Investigation Police University of China and the Railway Police College delivering successful programmes.

LPC is registered as International Experts with the Ministry for International Expert Advice (S.A.F.I.A.).

LPC’s delivery model included consultancy, lectures and programmes in China. In addition the LPC designed and delivered 20 study programmes in the UK attended by senior officials from China. The course evaluation has been used to develop new and improved focussed programmes ready for future delivery.


Working with the not for profit sector

Our team have worked with charities in the UK on a range of projects:

1. Organisational design, fund raising, team building, partnership development and programme management, working for:

  The Princes Trust

  The Queens Trust

  The Peter Cruddas Foundation

1. The Youth United Foundation

Our managing director, Rod Jarman, personally founded Youth United Foundation in 2012 to support HRH The Prince of Wales vision to enable young people from all parts of the country to have opportunities to engage in volunteering, fun and self-development. Initially working with 10 of the largest uniform voluntary youth organisations building a partnership under the banner of Youth United. This brought together a group of independent charities, often working in competition with each other to develop a core message, share resources and to work together.

Using our expertise, contacts and the relationships built over several years establishing the operating arrangements, recruiting and engaging the delivery team and Trustees and developing an effective programme of work with 10 partner charities. Funding was secured from the Department for Communities and Local Government and other partners raising in excess of £20 million pounds, creating over 15,000 self-sustaining new opportunities for young people in some of the most deprived parts of the country. 

The charities involved

   The Scouts

   Girl Guides

   Boys’ Brigade

   Girls’ Brigade

   Army Cadets

   Air Training Corps

   Marine Society and Sea Cadets

   St John Ambulance

   Fire Cadets

   Volunteer Police Cadets

2. Business Development and Project support, working for

Foundation for Jimmy

Developing their Business plan, finding resources and placing project leads within their team to develop programmes including their Award-winning (Children and Young People NOW – Partnership Working Award) schools engagement programme under the Release the Peace Banner.

3. Project evaluation and team development, working for

St John Ambulance

Working extensively and collaboratively with St John Ambulance on their schools’ involvement programme, assisting with development and assessment of the effectiveness of the interventions.

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