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Policing may be rewarding, essential and positive but not easy. Officers face the pressure and strain of a challenging job, made more complex by:

  New technologies, crimes and criminal threats, constantly evolving role

  New priorities, innovation and equipment, requiring different responses

  Years of austerity and cutbacks, adding further challenges

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To learn more about us and what we do, register for our next workshop on the 20th May. Its online starting at 10am and finishing by 12 noon. If you wish to attend send your details via the contact us page and we will send you information on how to access the meeting. You can download the flyer here Flyer 20 May.

Our solution is to focus on building the skills, capabilities and well-being of staff, through first class training and education. We believe in acknowledging and recognising previous learning, experience and skills, valuing individuals in a holistic way.

As well as recognising existing competencies we work to identify new ways of working, using and accessing latest technologies to maximise improvements.

We work closely with the No 1 Modern University in London amalgamating cutting edge research with the experience and capability of our company. Together we offer exciting and innovative solutions using the latest new technologies and previous evidence of what works. Its not just going on a course or a bit of self-development, its about developing the skills and capabilities to adapt to new challenges and opportunities, to continue to learn and to access evidence of what works when dealing with policing issues.

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The London Policing College has considerable UK policing expertise and experience of delivering police education programmes around the world. As vice chair of the International Forum for Police Education Cooperation and leading the British Council UK – China – Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) partnership programme, they bring international insights.

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