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Policing may be rewarding, essential and positive but not easy. Officers face the pressure and strain of a challenging job, made more complex by:

  New technologies, crimes and criminal threats, constantly evolving role

  New priorities, innovation and equipment, requiring different responses

  Years of austerity and cutbacks, adding further challenges

What is the solution?

We believe the solution is to focus on building the skills, capabilities and well-being of staff, through first class training and education. We believe in acknowledging and recognising previous learning, experience and skills, valuing individuals in a holistic way. As well as recognising existing competencies we need to identify new ways of working, using and accessing latest technologies to maximise improvements. We work closely with the No 1 Modern University in London amalgamating cutting edge research with the experience and capability of our company. Together we offer exciting and innovative solutions using the latest new technologies and previous evidence of what works. Its not just going on a course or a bit of self-development, its about developing the skills and capabilities to adapt to new challenges and opportunities, to continue to learn and to access evidence of what works when dealing with policing issues.

Our Team

Working with the Police Services abroad

The London Policing College has for the past 8 years worked on several projects and programmes in the peoples’ republic of China and for 6 years with the police in the United Arab Emirates. Neither of these countries are democracies (in the British form) and the police are key aspects fo the countries development and improvements. We have been proud to work with the Ministry of Public Security in China and both the Ministry of the Interior and the Abu Dhabi Police. Both countries have always shown an open and determined attempt to enhance their policing service and whilst their political systems may be different, we are all committed to improving the security and safety of communities and individuals.

We always promote the benefits of fully embracing the Universal Declaration on Human Rights and the subsequent UN Charters. This is more than just a statement, it is core to how we think about policing, police forces and enhancing safety. As well as supporting and enhancing all elements of decision making, the charter provides a universal interpretation of the Peelian Principle:

‘To maintain at all times a relationship with the public that gives reality to the historic tradition that the police are the public and that the public are the police; the police being only members of the public who are paid to give full-time attention to duties which are incumbent on every citizen in the interests of community welfare and existence’.

When working with groups our associates will:

  • Always ensure that decision making and approaches are framed within terms of Human Rights. We use the National Decision Making Model.
  • That the community is at the heart of our thinking. We consider problem orientated policing and community engagement in all aspects of our delivery.
  • Focus on the law and legal process. We emphasise that the role of police is set within legal frameworks and that policing is intended to use those frameworks and constantly challenge them.
  • We always apply the principles within the classroom. We do not tolerate disrespect, discrimination or intolerance.
  • We thoroughly risk assess working with foreign partners (as we do with our UK counterparts) to ensure that we are providing services which are both complying with and promoting the principles of Human Rights.

The London Policing College and the University of West London have entered into a long term collaboration underpinned by a Memorandum of Understanding. We are independent organisations that have our own workstreams and can make our own decisions but have agreed that where it is mutually beneficial we will work together on projects and programmes to bring together the expertise and experience of the London Policing College with the academic rigour and world class facilities of the University of West London.

The collaboration has already:

  • Designed a suite of undergraduate and post graduate policing qualifications which will be delivered in partnership
  • Secured funding to support conference and research into police education
  • Delivered a series of conferences: Mapping the Landscape of Violence
  • Delivered the 1st UK International Conference on Police Education

We are working on:

  • A number of international opportunities
  • Joint delivery of the Police Constable Degree Apprenticeship and the Degree Holder Entry Programme as part of a wider collaboration with Babcock International and the Metropolitan Police Service
About Us

The London Policing College has considerable UK policing expertise and experience of delivering police education programmes around the world. As vice chair of the International Forum for Police Education Cooperation and leading the British Council UK – China – Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) partnership programme, they bring international insights.

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