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The 4th International Police Education Conference will run from 13-15th September.

Workshops for the Conference will be held in July and August. For further details on our Violence Against Women & Girls, Cyber Policing and Policing Public Protest Workshops  and to book your place please click on the image below.

The London Policing College was founded in 2011 and is now proud to announce we have over 100 Associates who are keen to  use their extensive police experience to support the development of the next generation of police officers in the UK and internationally.

Click on the tab  ‘Our Team’  you will see a selection of our experts in policing including chief officers, operational leaders, and tactical specialists. With over 3,000 years combined policing service they share their operational experience and insight. (15 are holders of the Queens Police Medal) They have several hundred commendations and recognitions for meritorious service between them, and bring extensive experience of policing, from tactical to strategic level. The team are developing, designing, and delivering policing courses in the UK and Internationally.  The team are committed to delivering the highest levels of police education for new recruits and those courses aimed at more senior levels.

We have a strong London focus with over 2,000 years aggregated experience in the Metropolitan Police Service alone, our associates come from all four corners of the United Kingdom as well as from Europe and the rest of the World.

We provide:

  • Teaching, lecturing, mentoring, and coaching to those thinking about joining the police, during their police service and when considering promotion or lateral development .
  • Focussed and bespoke courses for individuals and police organisations across the world
  • Structures and systems for the exchange of information and ideas between police and academics  through networks and our international conferences

Our international experience includes:

  • Delivery in the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Palestine, South Africa, Trinidad and Tobago, Europe and America
  • 75 short courses delivered abroad to over 7,500 officers around the world, participation in international conferences on subjects including:
  • cybercrime,
  • police legitimacy,
  • police education,
  • public order policing
  • Summer schools and specialist programmes delivered to foreign students (480 over the past 6 years) in the UK on subjects including:
  • Public Order,
  • Cyber Crime,
  • Police Modernisation and Leadership,
  • Police Financial Management,
  • Food and Drug Security,
  • Roads Policing,
  • Policing Public Disorder,
  • Crime Management and Investigation,
  • Governance and Accountability,
  • Youth Crime
  • Partnerships with the Royal Thai Police Academy, The Police Academy of Cambodia, National Forensic Science University of India, and the International Police Association.

In partnership with the University of West London, we have delivered a series of conferences including Violence in the UK (Mapping the Landscape of Violence) and the UK international conference on Police Education.

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